Vocal Booths

What are  Vocal Booths you say? Well they are also known as an Isolation booths. These booths serve two purposes. Firstly they  isolate the vocalist from the band and any other outside noises so that you may record vocals without any noise leakage. They  absorb sound so that they do not color the sound by adding echo, reverb etc.

Secondly they are used as practice booths where you can theoretically sing and play without disturbing your neighbors, family, friends or pets.

I live in an apartment and need to be able to sing without disturbing anyone. What are the solutions?

You can try your hand at building your own or you can buy prefab kits that require assembly. You may want to read about studio design to get a better idea on how sound isolation works. You basically have to build a room within a room where there is no (or little ) physical contact between each room. You might get away by modifying a closet. You could even try singing in an existing clothes closet.

I also suggest you google “Green Glue” and read about this amazing product.


Here are the prime Vocal Booth manufacturers .


The Isovox idea is similar to an idea I’ve had in the back of my head for some time now.  I call my idea the “Dome of Silence”, not quite the “Get Smart” one but basically a box that would allow me to sing at night in my apartment. Does it work? I don’t know. There is currently one demo on YouTube that shows the isolation that can be achieved.

If you know anyone using one, try to arrange a demo. Few of these manufacturers featured here offer any demo featuring my type of situation.

Here are some links

Vocal Booth


Drum Perfect

gretchken-sound booths



custom vocal booth

vocal booth to go

 “Vocal Booths To Go” that uses heavy blankets over a tubular frame thus making it easy to move.



Scott’s VO booths 

KUBE vocal booths

Once you see the cost of these prefab boxes you may want to go the DIY route. One question I have is how good do these boxes work. Try to find someone who has one.

There are also quite a few DIY sites where you can find suggestions on what you need to design your own.

Check these out


John l Sayers



Recording magazine article on DIY booth

soundc control room easy-to-build-vocal-booth.php


DAWBOX can sell you detailed plans to build your own booth.

There are now quite a few videos on YouTube showing DIY solutions.

The same isolation concepts applies to Computers and Amps.

Both these generate lots of heat. Again there are ready-made boxes available and plans for the DIY’er.

These boxes weigh a ton so shipping is a big concern. Occasionally you might find a used one in Craig’s list.

If you are going the DIY route check out so acoustic absorption products.

This company Super Soundproofing sells all sorts of isolation materials