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As the title implies , Here are links to other DIY sites. If you are into building your own Guitar, Studio and Video related projects, I have compiled some interesting and useful links. I am also including some Tube amp related sites. If you have effects building experience you find that building tube amps is relatively simple. The circuits of classic tube amps are not that complex.

Please be extra diligent as the voltages found in tube circuits can be lethal. The price of transformers may also be lethal to your band account.

If you have never built your own effects you’ll be surprised how cheap it is especially if you source your own parts. Don’t be afraid to check Ebay, Aliexpress or Alibaba. It can take 4-6 weeks to get parts from China and often the shipping is free.

I wrote some ideas on making your own PCB boards , click here


The Guitar Effects oriented web page

The Technology of the Fuzz Face

Stellan’s schematic

Tone Pad

the Ampage

angela parts supplier

Guitar Amp Tone, Effects Placement

amz projects