DIY 3D Stereoscopic photography

 DIY 3D Stereoscopic photography.  the best on the WEB

More great articles on DIY 3D photography and 3D video. Create your own 3D images. It’s easy. It’s cheap.

Here is an excellent post by Neil Creek.

He explains how to view 3D without special glasses by just crossing your eyes. He covers how he takes these images and how they are processed.

This will blow your mind. If you have never tried ‘free view’ 3D, then you might find it hard to imagine that you can take 3D photos with any camera and see them on any computer screen without glasses or special technology. I will show you how. We see the world with two eyes, and […]

Source: Photo Magic, 3D Photography


Here we have another article featuring some history on 3D imagery  by Jason Poel Smith.

How to take 3d pictures.

How to make a 3D rig.

How to view the results.

How to make a simple stereoscope amongst other information.


Source: 3D Stereoscopic Photography


This is definitely interesting piece as I had never heard of it before. This page focuses on the Wiggle method of 3D. It tells you how it’s done and what you need to create your own images.

Wiggle 3D: How To Make Animated 3D Images | Expert photography blogs, tip, techniques, camera reviews – Adorama Learning Center

It kind of reminds me of the Pulfrich method because it involved movement. This is definitely something that I have to try.


Here we have an other  article on how to make a 3D camera. It’s a bit dated as it used two disposable cameras but it would be easy enough to get two identical digital point and shoot cameras. You could maybe use two old cell phones. The methodology is well described. Written by  Kelly

Depth perception: wonder of evolution, miracle of sensory perception, and envy of the cyclops. It’s one of those things you wouldn’t miss until it’s gone, like toes, toothpaste, and trees. That’s why 3D photos amaze us: they remind us about this incredible superpower we had totally forgotten we……….

Source: Make Your Own 3D Camera for $15 or Less


Here we have tutorial on creating anaglyph images and it is more up to date. Written by Udi Tirosh, he  suggests using digital cameras. If you do your homework well you can find many slightly used digital cameras for a great deal. I mean as in $20-$30.

Many people are dumping their point and shoot cameras because their phones shoot great pictures. So seek and ye shall find the bargains.

The following detailed (but not too lengthy) tutorial that shows how to make 3D red and blue images was written by David Cooper. Those 3D images look great when viewed with 3D glasses, especially when mixing that with the sliced floating fruit technique, such as the ones on this post.

by Udi Tirosh
Source: Create 3D Anaglyph Images


Here is another idea on building a 3D rig. by Paul Richters

He also shows how to make a simple viewer.

If you ever thought about taking 3D photos or video you are going to love this tutorial. It is based around the oldish Ricoh GX8, but you can adapt it to any camera you desire, as long as you can trigger them remotely. The general idea is quite simple, and here is the outline for it: Take a two digital cameras which can be triggered remotely. Make a frame for the cameras with two compartments, so they are parallel to each other. Make/buy a Y splitter so you can trigger both left and right camera simultaneously. Put the left and right image together

Source: How To Build Your Own 3D Stereo Camera


This site has some nice examples.  He goes into the techniques and science involved here.


by Gian Faye Paguirigan

Source: DIY 3D Anaglyph Photography